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Pasifika Families Inc. is a not for profit community based organisation based in the Brisbane and Moreton Bay area. We have been in operation for over 15 years. We gratefully acknowledge Yourtown & Communities for Children for believing in us and providing funds for our various projects which include:








Pasifika Families work is based in the Moreton Bay community where our aims are to provide a hub where families from all Pacific cultures can come to us for assistance on services in the Moreton Bay Region.

Pasifika FamiliesTeam

— President
— Parent & Youth Educator

Setu Finau

Setu Finau is a passionate advocate for the Pacific Islander community, born and raised amidst the vibrant Samoan culture of New Zealand. His parents, both natives of Samoa, instilled in him a deep love for his heritage that has been a guiding force throughout his life. Growing up in Otara, South Auckland, his earliest memories are intertwined with the rhythms and stories of his ancestors. In 2006, seeking new opportunities, he made a significant transition and relocated to Australia.

For Setu, serving the community goes beyond his professional life, as he enthusiastically devotes his time to the Department of Youth Justice in Redcliffe as a Youth Worker. His commitment to the well-being of young individuals is undeniable. This dedication was honed during his tenure at Deception Bay State High School, where he worked for five years, shaping the lives of numerous students.

As the father of six children, Setu understands the importance of family and the values it imparts. He carries this ethos into his faith, serving as an active member of his church family in Deception Bay. His roles are manifold – from volunteering on the church board, to assisting in the children’s ministry, and expressing his love for music as a drummer in the worship team.

In his community, Setu stands as a beacon of leadership. He presides over Pasifika Families Inc., the driving force behind the annual Pasifika Vibes Festival, a vibrant celebration of Māori and Pacific Islander cultures, and the Pasifika Playgroup at Deception Bay North State School, fostering an environment that allows children to connect with their cultural roots.

Collaborating closely with local police, youth organisations, and staff from Westfield Shopping Centre North Lakes, Pasifika Families Inc. also orchestrates a weekly outreach program. This initiative fosters a sense of belonging among the local youth, encouraging them towards positive social behaviour and reinforcing the sense of community.

A respected figure, Setu is known for his strong connections within educational, youth outreach, and cultural circles, as well as with local government bodies. He is highly regarded for his ability to foster unity, promote cultural awareness, and empower young individuals to become responsible community members. His leadership, grounded in passion and dedication, continues to leave a lasting impact on the community he proudly serves.

— Secretary
— Parent & Youth Educator

May Nonu

Let us introduce you to our dedicated secretary, a radiant woman of Samoan descent, born and raised in New Zealand, now a pivotal member of Pasifika Families Inc.. Her congenial personality and volunteer spirit are recognised and appreciated by many within the Community. She is not just an inspiration at work, but also a proud mother to seven children and grandmother to four.

Her professional expertise spans across Youth and Disability Residential Care, Family Support, In-Home Case Management, Community Outreach, Language & Cultural Support, and Samoan Translation Services. Her tireless work extends to assisting disadvantaged groups in the Deception Bay Community and Moreton Bay region, supporting families with low income and complex issues, and standing alongside those experiencing Family & Domestic Violence.

Her rich multicultural upbringing in New Zealand and her profound understanding of the struggles faced by the Pasifika youth and families—especially their higher rates of mental health problems—fuel her commitment to provide culturally appropriate engagement and practice. Having lived in Australia for the past 15 years, she continues to witness these barriers, which inspires her ambition to effect meaningful change in the lives of Pasifika youth and their families.

She advocates for an approach to client support that aligns with their values, attitudes, and beliefs while also adhering to the standards of the community services organisation and the law. She understands that the way service values and philosophies are put into action greatly impacts the quality of the service provided to clients. The more these values are promoted and reflected in the service operations, the more positive the client experience becomes.

With her wealth of experience and strong commitment to our community, she plays an instrumental role in our organisation, continually working towards policy creation and evaluation practices that have the potential to make a lasting difference.

— Treasuruer
— Parent & Youth Educator

Filiga Cross

Meet Filiga. Her journey from a person battling anxiety to a confident and compassionate community leader is truly remarkable. As a single mother, she exemplifies the strength and determination needed to create a better life for oneself and others. Her ability to lead from the back, coupled with her exceptional communication skills, has made her a respected figure in her community and in her workplace. She is a shining example of what one can achieve when they refuse to let adversity define them, and has only fuelled her determination to succeed.

As a single mother, Filiga understands the challenges of balancing work and family responsibilities. Her unwavering commitment to her child’s well-being has instilled in her a resolute drive to take action and create a better future. Through her unwavering dedication, Filiga has proven that one can achieve success and thrive, regardless of the obstacles life presents.

What sets Filiga apart is her unique leadership style. She leads from the back, empowering her colleagues to shine and showcasing her ability to guide without overshadowing. Filiga’s inclusive approach has garnered immense respect from her peers, as she values collaboration and fosters an environment where everyone’s voice is heard. Her natural ability to motivate and inspire others has made her a trusted mentor and role model within her community.

Filiga’s strong work ethic and go-getter attitude have propelled her to new heights. She consistently goes above and beyond her duties, seeking opportunities to expand her knowledge and skill set. Despite the industry’s gender imbalance, Filiga has demonstrated that gender should never limit one’s potential for success.

Beyond her workplace, Filiga’s impact extends to the wider community. Recognising the importance of giving back, she actively volunteers her time to various local initiatives, serving as a positive force for change. Her courage and resilience have inspired others who face similar challenges, proving that it is possible to overcome personal struggles and make a difference in the world.

— Vice-President
— Parent & Youth Educator


Imeleta brings to the table a rich tapestry of skills and experiences that make her stand out in any crowd. As a dedicated mother of four, she thrives on fostering and promoting community growth. Her unique combination of being an accomplished multi-instrumental musician and visual artist allows her to blend creativity with her passion for advocacy. This melodic blend is further enriched by her plant-based lifestyle, which fuels her deep empathy for animals and a commitment to nurturing and caring for the environment.

Over the past decade, Imeleta has left an indelible mark by working closely with young people facing complex health challenges and contributing to Skilling Queensland initiatives such as Get Set For Work. Her unique approach, which blends creativity and empathy, has enabled her to connect with these individuals on a profound level. By offering guidance and support, she has played a vital role in their personal and professional development.

A true trailblazer in her advocacy work, Imeleta dedicates substantial time to empowering women of diverse cultural backgrounds. Whether leading parenting groups or mentoring sessions, her influence is widespread and deeply felt. She is the founder of several different initiatives, including Women of Culture in Business, Hula Hips, a cultural dance school—which is now run by her daughter—and Manumea, a Multicultural Mental Health Arts & Therapies Collective, to name a few. These initiatives have played a pivotal role in building women’s capacity, helping them achieve their goals, and even inspiring some to start their own businesses. Her unyielding commitment to advocating for women, young people, and those dealing with complex mental health issues is a testament to her greatest strengths.

Pursuing opportunities that align with her multifaceted expertise, Imeleta is ever eager to contribute her unique combination of creative prowess, nurturing spirit, and unwavering dedication to creating positive change. Through her diverse ventures and impactful community involvement, she stands as a luminary figure, inspiring all those who cross her path.

Papata pē, ka na'e lalanga - It may be coarse in texture but it was woven.

This Tongan quote means that the journey of life may be rough but it is still purposefully woven.