Community Projects

Pasifika Projects

Pasifika Families Inc. is actively involved in delivering and facilitating various community projects and services for our CALD (culturally and Linguistically Diverse), Maori and Pacific Community. Some of these projects and services include:

Pasifika Playgroup
Parenting Programs
Pasifika Vibes Festival
Father and Daughter Days
Mother and Daughter Days
Family Fun Days
Cultural Camps
Emergency Accommodation

Some of our parents through the above channels have gained confidence, learnt new skills, made new friends and have moved on to further studies, gained employment and support and work within our local community projects like International Women Day, Pasifika Vibes Festival and are now working at a local level advocating on behalf of our Pasifika people.

Our Voice Moreton Bay 2023 Youth Survey - Report

Voices of young people in the Moreton Bay Region: The purpose of the study was to gain an understanding of the challenges and lived experience of young people aged 16-25 in the Moreton Bay region by inviting them to complete an online survey or participate in face-to-face discussions at community events.

The project’s survey results are now available in a comprehensive report!

Want to dive into the findings? You can now download the full report by clicking here.

Pasifika Little Steps Program

An early intervention program for multicultural and CALD families with children aged 0-12 years.

An information brochure is available upon request. Please contact us.

Thursday Nights - LATE NIGHTS

For a couple years now Pasifika Families Youth Workers volunteer their time down at The Space, North Lakes on Thursday nights from 6:00pm – 9:00pm alongside The YMCA and Kurbingui staff working with our young people in the space.

This is all about creating a safe space where YMCA staff provide snacks, gaming and basketball areas for our young people to engage with youth workers in their own time.

If you are interested in volunteering or gaining experience as a youth worker you are welcome to join our team.

Things you need as a youth worker:

Blue card click here for form

Empathy and understanding

No judgement



Family Fun Days

Every school holidays Pasifika Families Inc.  aims to hold a family fun day for our families in the Moreton Bay region supported by Yourtown, Younity and Deception Bay Neighbourhood centre.

Games and cultural activities are always a great hit.

Father & Daughter Activities

“She did not stand alone, but what stood behind her and walked along side her, the most potent, moral force in her life, was the love of her father.”

Mother & Daughter Dates

Featured is a photo from a recent Mother and Daughter makeup session.

Lutu na niu, lutu ki vuna

A coconut falls close to its roots (Fijian saying)
This Fijian proverb means a child's personality or behaviour will closely imitate what they've been taught in their homes.